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Service area – Westover, Vincent, Harpersville
Villages of Westover, Willow Oaks, Farmingdale Estates, and up and down Highway 280 South of Chelsea Park.
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Enviro-Systems WWTP (Large)

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Enviro-systems was the solution to poor ground conditions for on-site septic.

Low Pressure System:
Enviro-Systems was designed as a “low pressure” system to avoid rainwater infiltration, which dramatically lowers operating and maintenance costs as systems age. Each customer will install a low-pressure pump which will force the effluent into the sewer mains which will remain pressurized. There is greater pressure inside the main lines than outside, thus avoiding ground water infiltration.

ADEM Permit – Enviro-Systems WWTP – permit No. AL0073351 – NO VIOLATIONS

Residential Rate structure:

Effective June 1, 2019, New Residential Customer Setup Fee – $25.00

Area 2021 Impact Fees 2021 Monthly Fees
Wilsonville $6,429.62 $61.19
Harpersville $6,429.62 $61.29
Sterrett(Villages of Westover only) $4,091.58 $51.20

For Commercial Rate Structure, please contact Stan Graves for details at 205-437-3779.

Regional Sewer Rates:
Southwest Water – No. Shelby County $103.43
Oak Mountain Reclamation $81.00

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